Woven Polyester Strapping

Steel banding is the standard for bundling products together for transport. These bands are razor sharp and cut the hands, arms, and faces of the workers that use them. Steel bands are a dangerous and outdated technology that needs to be replaced.

Luckily there's a better material on the market - woven polyester strapping. It is just as strong as steel bands, but is soft and flexible. Unfortunately, many companies are unable to use woven polyester strapping because the tools used to tension the strapping only function on flat surfaces such as boxes.


Tensionr solves the two main problems seen in tensioning tools today:
1. It doesn't require a flat surface to work on, making it able to tension bundles of all shapes and sizes.
2. It creates a more secure bundle by pulling the strap in two directions while current tools just pull in one.

Tensionr features a lightweight aluminum body, a drill input, and an ergonomic design.

Aluminum Body

Some workers will be lifting Tensionr over 100 times in a day. With a lightweight aluminum body, Tensionr is easy to use all day.

Drill Input

Tensionr is powered by a drill which minimizes user input. With a standard square drive input, any drill is compatible with Tensionr.

Ergonomic Design

Tensionr's handles are placed in ergonomic locations and feature cushioned grips for user comfort.

Strapped Metal Rods Tensionr Bundling Rods Tensionr Isometric View